Puppy Play Group runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-1:30, Wednesday and Friday 2:30-5pm. This is aimed at fully vaccinated puppies from 3-6months when they are allowed to socialise. Unfortunatley we cannot offer collection and drop off services for this group, so we kindly ask pawrents to drop their furkids off and collect.


During Puppy Play Group, its not all about running around and having mad zoomies of fun, yes this is part of it but we aim to help the puppies learn between nice play and over excited play. We work on basic training such as sit, stay, recall, toilet training etc. We will also be helping them with social interaction with the other puppies and monitored play time with the older dogs.


As Puppies cannot withstand too myuch play and excitment in such a small window of time. We give them enrichment such as brain games, using snuffle matts, kongs, ball pit, scent and sound games. This helps with the balance between play time and using too much energy when running around. We know they are growing and need to be careful their young bones dont over do it.


Making sure they have some quiet moments to rest and calm down, we show them all the different beds, sofas, crash mats and dog houses for them to choose where they want to rest and having the space to leave the group should they get too overwwhelmed.  


We are fortunate enough to have a large outside area for them use, this helps with toilet training as they often use the other smells from the dogs encouraging them to toilet outside instead of inside.


When puppies reach 6months we can then monitor their time and if we feel they are getting too big for the playgroup we can graduate them to our other options such as Half days and Daycare. During our half days we are futher teaching the puppies about self control and learning to be calm and focus. We also start walking the puppies on half days, getting them used to being on lead and walking with other dogs. Only for short peroids of time to not affect their growing bones.


We Work closely with local Trainer Jade Berman on puppy interaction and safe play. Often helping the more sensitive puppies adjust to life in daycare before their pawrents return to work.


Our full daycare service is also suitable for puppies from 3months of age should  a pick up and drop off service be needed. We just cater to the needs of the puppies, making sure they get time away from the group to rest and sleep, we can give them lunch and regualr toilet breaks in london fields to help them learn to walk on lead.


Please check our instagram for more photos and contatc us if you would like more details.

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